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About Capture 1 Studios

Capture 1 Studios was born in January of 2013.  We started on the premise of creating a professional video production service at an affordable price, especially for small business.

Another aspect of our foundation was to have services for consumers as well as for business.  That resulted in the creation of our film transfer studio we affectionately call "Studio C1".  

At Studio C1, we process our film and media transfer services.  The studio doubles as our post production facility and is equipped with the latest technologies to ensure our productions are up to date and the best they can be. 

In today's market, finding a professional video production company that won't send your budget through the roof is nearly impossible....  

At Capture 1 Studios, we say nothing is impossible!  In fact, give us a try and you'll see why we are Ohio's premiere Video Production and Film Transfer service!


Sparking conversations and inspiring the imagination, with a vision that cannot be taught, and must be personally experienced.


Harnessing creativity and perfecting the craft with practical experience.


Ever-advancing skills and perspective, we are only as good as the last shoot.